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How to change your IP address?

"How do I change my IP address?" It is one of the most frequently asked questions.

  • If your IP address is static, the only way to change your IP address, your Internet service provider (ISP).
  • Contact your Internet service provider (ISP) and ask them if they are able to change your IP address or how long your connection needs to be off for your IP address to change.

  • The following methods are available for dynamic IP address.

To check the IP address you're currently using, simply go to our homepage. Hopefully one of these simpler steps will give you the result you wanted.

Change your IP Country with a VPN

Here are a few VPN providers we recommend:

How about a proxy?

If you're trying to change your IP address primarily because you want to access web-based forums, you may wish to look into using a proxy server. Learn more by reading proxies knowledge bank.

Change IP address of a Windows OS

- Computer connected directly to a cable or DSL modem
  1. Get to a command prompt. (START, run, cmd).

    Start Menu

    Run Box

  2. Type "ipconfig /release" (without the quotes, on the command line by itself).
  3. Shut down computer.
  4. Turn off computer.
  5. Turn off all ethernet hubs/switches.
  6. Turn off cable/DSL modem.
  7. Leave off overnight.
  8. Turn everything back on.

Change IP address of a router?

  1. Log into the router's admin console. (Often
  2. Release the IP address (method varies by router manufacturer)
  3. Turn off router, ethernet hubs/switches, and the cable/DSL modem
  4. Leave off overnight
  5. Next day, turn everything back on

If you are using a cable / DSL modem and a router, you may want to connect your pc directly to cable / DSL modem. Note that this can affect system security.

If you have a router, check to see if there is a "Clone MAC Address" option. Using it should change your IP address; however, in most cases you will only be able to do it once.